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Welcome / Croeso
Dosbarth Derbyn / Reception Class

Clip Welcomepencil 

Early Years Teacher: Miss Phillps

TA: Mrs Williams and Mrs Morgan

PPA: Miss Evans

 Welcome to Nursery/Reception.

Here are important reminders and information about the children’s day and what they will need.

School day: School starts at 9am and ends at 3:10pm, children will be dismissed on to the same yard as children enter in the morning. Breakfast club is available from 8.15am and after school club is available for children who wish to attend. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like more information. 

Fruit/Drink: Fruit is available for the children; fruit costs £1 a week or 20p a day.  We kindly ask that fruit money for the week is brought into school on a Monday in an envelope with your child’s name, year group and amount clearly labelled on it. Children will have milk everyday however, children are able to bring their own water bottles to school. Please ensure bottles clearly named and are filled with water only.

Dinner: Dinner money for the week should be brought to school on a Monday in an envelope with your child’s name, year group and amount clearly labelled on it.

P.E: Nursery/Reception will have PE on a Monday; your child will need a t-shirt and shorts / joggers and suitable footwear to change into. Some P.E lessons will take place outside so please ensure that your child has suitable clothing. Please make sure that your child’s name is on their P.E clothes and school clothes for when they are changing. If your child is unable to participate in a P.E lesson please speak to me or send a note with reasons why into school.

Book bags and reading: Book bags will be sent home daily with reading records and reading books or sound work. Book bags and reading records need to be returned to school daily. Reading with your child is very important; we would encourage you to comment and sign the record book.

Homework: Homework books will be sent home on a Friday and should be returned on Monday.  Homework will be sent weekly with an alternate focus on language work and number work.

Letters: This year we will be sending letters and information home via SCHOOP. If you have not already downloaded SCHOOP please download from Google play or apple app store. The school code is: 7749.


As part of the Foundation Phase Curriculum children are encouraged to be as independent learners and they are encouraged to try as many activities as possible. We apologise in advance if your child comes home ‘messy’, this will be because they have been actively involved in their learning. Some activities may take place outside so please ensure that your child has appropriate clothes. We thank you for your continued support to give your child the best possible education. If you feel that you have any qualities, skills or resources that would benefit your child’s learning environment please speak to a member of staff in the Foundation Phase.


Finally, if you have any questions or concerns please come and see me, I am always available to talk to you. I look forward to working with you this year and following and encouraging your child’s learning journey.


Thank you, Miss Phillips




Spring Term 2018

Early Years

Miss Phillips


Clip Book  

Language, Literacy and Communication


This term the children will be learning to:

  • Use phonological knowledge to recognise initial sounds e.g. Read, Write Inc.
  • Hold a pencil correctly in order to convey meaning through pictures and mark making
  • Copy and write letters and words.
  • Write their own name e.g. emergent, underwrite or independently depending on their ability


  • They will have the opportunity to participate in shared reading and writing activities to model key features of the following text types:

Persuasive Writing

Report Writing

Instruction writing




Persuasive / Information Writing

To create a poster for Internet Safety Day


Report / Portrait Writing

To learn and join in with the a class story using gestures e.g. “We are going on a Polar Bear Hunt”

To write a simple portrait using simple sentence patterns


Instruction Writing

To learn and recite a simple instructions using gestures

To give instructions to control and move the Beebot

To carry out a practical activity e.g. make a sandwich


Poetry Writing

To learn to recite and perform familiar poems by heart

Clip Numbers

Mathematical Development


This term the children will be learning to

Using Number skills

  • Recite numbers from 0 to 5, using songs and rhymes 
  • Count reliably up to 3 objects
  • Start to understand and use the concept of ‘on
  • e more’ in their play



Manage Money

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the purpose of money through role play


Using measuring skills: Length

  • Compare, sort and order two objects in terms of capacity by direct observation


Angle and position

  • Demonstrate an awareness of prepositions and movement during their own physical activities 
  • Follow two-step instructions for simple movements within games and play activities
  • Use prepositions to describe position

This term the children will be learning to:

Using Number Skills

  • recite numbers up to 10,   forwards and backwards from 0
  • Count reliably up to 5 objects
  • mentally recall ‘one more’ of a number within 5/10 
  • Mentally recall ‘one less’ of a number within 10 


Manage Money

  • Recognise and start to use 1p and  2p, coins to pay for items


Using measuring skills: Capacitiy

  • use direct comparisons with:  capacity



Angle and position

  • use prepositions to describe position
  • move in given directions 




 Clip House


Our Cornerstone topic this term is:

Pitter Patter Puddle Play

During this topic we will be learning about:

  • about water in its different forms
  • how water is used in the home
  • about being safe near water
  • about wet weather including storms
  • about animals that live in ponds and streams
  • How to use volume and measures in practical activities
  • That water is important for seeds and plants



Homework will be sent home on a Friday and should be returned by Monday at the latest. 


Fruit money should be brought to school every Monday in a bag or an envelope with your child's name on it. (£1 per week)

Dinner money for the week should be brought to school on a Monday in a bag or envelope with your child's name on it. 

P.E - Monday afternoon, please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing as P.E lessons can be outside. 

Remember your coats on a cold day!!