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Welcome / Croeso
Dosbarth Derbyn / Reception Class

Clip Welcomepencil 

Early Years Teacher: Mrs Pope

TA: Miss Jo, Miss Coggins & Miss Denise

PPA: Mrs Strawbridge

Welcome to Nursery / Reception



Summer Term 2021 

Early Years Class

Mrs Pope / Miss Jo / Miss Kate



 Clip Numbers


Clip Book 


Clip House  


This term we will be learning about... 

Write numerals to 10 


Compare and order numbers to 20 


Understand that teen numbers (11–19) are 10 plus some more 


Recite numbers to 100 


Begin to identify the properties of common 2D shapes 


Recognise and name common 2D shapes 


Double numbers to 5  


Halve even numbers to 10 


Count on in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s 


Odd and even numbers 


Recognise days of the week and say which day it is 


Identify and read o'clock times on analogue and digital clocks 


Read simple number sentences that use + and = signs 


Read simple number sentences that use a – sign 


Begin to understand the value of different coins 


Recognise and name coins 


Compare and order measurement of two or three items using non-standard units  



This term we will be learning… 

Daily phonics (including tricky words)  to develop word building strategies 

Weekly reading 

Story - Contribute orally during a shared writing activity to create a simple story   


Story - Create a simple story independently using a story map   

(The Very Hungry Caterpillar) 


Information Writing - Contribute orally during a shared writing activity to present simple information 


Information Writing - Write a simple information text independently using simple sentences  

(Butterfly lifecycle) 


Persuasive Writing – 

Contribute orally during a shared writing activity to create an invitation    


Persuasive Writing –  

Create a simple invitation independently using short simple sentences and pictures   

(Ugly Bug Ball) 


Poetry – 

Poem of the Week 





 ‘Why do ladybirds have spots?’ 

This half term, we’ll visit a local park to carry out a minibeast safari! Magnifying glasses clutched firmly in hands, we’ll look under logs, leaves and stones for creatures that wriggle, crawl or fly.

We’ll find out about minibeast habitats, features and colours, and compare them. Observing snails in a tank, we’ll think about how they move. Can we move like that too? We’ll also move like ants, working together to collect and carry objects to move and rebuild a structure, piece by piece.

To get to know these creepy crawlies better, we’ll make  a butterfly garden.

Can we predict what will be these minibeasts’ favourite foods? In our literacy sessions, we’ll use sequential vocabulary to retell stories, and write a story from the perspective of a spider.

In our mathematics sessions, we’ll predict and count ladybird spots and compare the lengths of caterpillars made from cubes, counters and beads.

Getting creative, we’ll make leaf confetti, minibeast finger puppets, and learn to waggle dance like a bee.  We’ll also make brightly-coloured pebble beetles and give them scientific names.