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Croeso / Welcome
Blwyddyn 1 / Year 1 


Year 1 Teacher: Miss Hogarth


Summer Term 2018

Year 1

Miss Hogarth


 Clip Numbers


Clip Book 


Clip House  

Street Detectives

This term we will be learning about...

Fractions – learning to recognise half and quarter of shapes

Time - reading clocks/days of the week/months of the year

Understand place value – focusing on 2 digit numbers

Adding 1 digit numbers and adding to 2 digit numbers

Weight – weighing objects and balancing the scales

Read and make simple bar graphs

Recognise odd and even numbers

This term we will be learning…

Read Write Inc sounds and words to develop spelling strategies

Story writing – adapting a traditional fairy tale

Report writing/ presenting information – writing simple sentences to share information about our topic

Invitation – to write an invitation to an event

Poetry – write a free verse

In this project the children will learn:

About our local area

How the local area has changed

About different types of houses

About old and new houses

How to make maps of our local area

Our home address

To draw and paint buildings in our local area

Road safety






Homework will be sent home on a Friday and should be returned by Tuesday at the latest. 

Reading Records will be sent home daily. Please return reading records daily.



Fruit money should be brought to school every Monday (£1 per week)

Dinner money for the week should be brought to school on a Monday in a bag or envelope with your child's name. 

P.E - Wednesday afternoon, please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing as P.E lessons can be outside. 

Remember your coats on a cold day!