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Croeso / Welcome
Blwyddyn 3 / Year 3

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Your child’s teacher is:

Mrs Grennan (Class Teacher)

Miss Phillips (PPA)


As your child moves up to KS2, there are a few changes that you should be aware of such as school times, homework as well as a few others!


School Times

School starts at 9.00 am.  A member of staff will be on the Junior yard from 8.50 am.  If you would like your child to come to school earlier than this, breakfast club is available from 8.15 am.  Children are not permitted on the Junior Yard earlier than 8.50 without a parent/guardian.

School ends at 3.15 pm and parents wait on the Junior Yard until class teachers dismiss their classes.


School Dinners

School dinner money should be paid on Monday.  All money should be placed in an envelope with your child’s name, class and amount clearly labelled.



Apples and bananas are available to purchase from the KS2 Fruit Shop at a cost of 20p each. Year 6 pupils collect the money on a Monday.


Pupil Planners

KS2 pupils have Pupil Planners instead of Reading Records. Pupils will be issued with these during their first week.  It is very important that your child brings their planner to school every day and we expect parents to check the planners daily/weekly and sign them every week.  The planners are also used as a home/school link as well as to issue parents evening appointments.

If a planner is lost, a replacement planner will cost £5.00.



Pupils have homework on a fortnightly basis.  Homework is in the form of a grid – some compulsory tasks and some voluntary.  Dojo’s will be given for the number of tasks completed.



Year 3 PE day will be Thursday.  Your child will need to bring their PE kit to school on this day.  PE consists of t-shirt, shorts/ joggers and trainers.



There will be an emphasis on learning times tables, spelling patterns and reading in Year 3.  A letter will be sent via schoop/website giving details of literacy, maths and science topics covered this term.



It is really important that you make us aware of any issues or worries that your child may have so that we can deal with them early on.  Also, it is very important that you inform staff of any medical issues as soon as possible.



We will be sending letters and information home via SCHOOP.  If you have already downloaded SCHOOP, please download from Google play or apple app store.  The school code is 7749.


And finally…

We aim to make your child’s transition from Foundation Phase to KS2 as stress free and as smooth as possible.  If you do have any concerns at all, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff – we are more than happy to put your mind at ease.


This is a very exciting time in your child’s learning journey.

Welcome to KS2!





Spring Term 2019

Year 3

Mrs T Grennan


Clip Numbers 



Clip Book


Clip Science


Clip House 


3 digit numbers

multiplying & dividing by 10

add using partitioning

sorting multiples

multiplying and dividing by 4 & 8

fractions and their value

fractions of amounts

recognising angles

properties of 2D shapes


angles and turns

place value and rounding

subtracting amounts of money

place value of 3 digit numbers

adding 2 or 3 numbers

written addition of 3 digit numbers

time and events

time intervals

ordering 3 digit numbers

doubling and halving

sorting machine

multiply using.


Novel: Myths & Legends 

F Dialogue/Script

NF Information

F/NF Explanation

F/NF Poetry – List poetry/kennings


Welsh myths & legends

Story Writing

Punctuation eg speech marks

Newspaper reports



We will be learning about…

Materials & their properties

 Different materials

 The properties of materials

 The different ways in which materials are used.

Plan and carry out fair test investigations.


Myths & Legends/Celts

The difference between a myth and a legend.

Traditional myths and legends.

Traditional Welsh myths and legends.

How to write their own myth or legend.

Who were the Celts and when did they live.

How they lived

Celtic traditions.

What happened to the Celts.




Homework will be given out on Monday and to be completed by Friday.

PE is on a Thursday afternoon. Please try to remember your kit!!

Reading books and pupil planners to be brought to school every day.