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Croeso / Welcome
Blwyddyn 5 / Year 5

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Class Teacher - Miss Julie Borland 



A fantastic start has been made to Year 5 learning and we are looking forward to working together to achieve our targets.



Year 5 – Miss Borland


Spring Term 2017




       Clip House        



Clip Numbers


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Clip Science

 Our topic is:







The children will learn to:


  • Infer reasons for town distribution.

  • Explore features of Google maps and Google Earth. Explore local, regional, national areas and discuss scale.

  • Research about Llanelli’s location and it’s history – note taking and paraphrasing.

  • Draw a scaled map with a simple key.

  • Identify a suitable format to sort and record information about Llanelly House learning.

  • Write a tourist information brochure (2nd person, present tense).

  • Write a newspaper report about a fire at Llanelly House.

  • Identify and discuss straightforward causes and consequences of change (tin, coal and steel industry).


Big maths characters and strategies will be taught throughout.



The children will learn to:

  • Identify multiples; find factors

  • Timestables.

  • Multiplication and division.

  • Solve division word problems.

  • Fractions and decimals.

  • Identify and name parts of a circle.

  • Use mathematical reasoning to work out a function.

  • Finding patterns and making and testing rules.

  • Find unit fractions and non-unit fractions of 3-digit numbers.

  • Read and mark co-ordinates.

  • Properties of 3-D shapes.

  • Problem solving and reasoning.

  • Find the area and perimeter.

  • Draw and interpret line graphs.

Our novel is:


Gangsta Granny




The children will learn:


  • Research skills – skimming, scanning, note taking and paraphrasing.

  • Guided reading – exploring text types and features.

  • Distinguish between fact and opinion.

  • Class Novel (Gangsta Granny) – Summarising, predicting and questioning.

  • Spelling and vocabulary.

  • Grammar/punctuation – direct speech, commas, past tense and paragraphs.

  • Handwriting – revisit letter formation and joins.

  • Recount writing.

  • Brochure writing and persuasive writing.

  • Poetic writing.

  • Report writing.

Our topic is:




Sun, Moon and Earth


 The children will learn to:


  • Draw and label scientific diagrams.

  • Design and create a functional product.

  • Illustrate alternative ideas.

  • Gather information independently to generate ideas.

  • Establish basic understanding of the Earth, Sun and Moon.

  • Explain findings and differences between physical phenomena.

  • Use scientific knowledge and skills to predict outcomes.

  • Find and use a variety of evidence, information and ideas.

  • To distinguish between 'facts', beliefs and opinions.

  • Fair Testing.









Homework will be given out on a Monday and collected in on a Friday. I have encouraged the children to speak to me if work is too hard. This term homework will consist of maths reasoning, reading comprehension, spelling words, times tables and independent reading. I aim to go over the homework tasks in class each Friday morning to ensure that children have understood the maths and reading activities.


P.E. is on a Wednesday and children should bring appropriate kit to school rather than come to school in their kit.


Please feel free to speak to me about anything that concerns your child’s learning at school so we can make their time in Year 5 an enjoyable experience.



Miss Borland - Year 5 Teacher

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