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Croeso / Welcome
Blwyddyn 5 / Year 5

Vector Tree Leaf

Class Teacher - Mrs Julie Borland 




A fantastic start has been made to Year 5 learning and we are looking forward to working together to achieve our targets.

Year 5 – Mrs Borland Autumn Term 2019

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Welcome back to 2019/20 educational year. I hope you have enjoyed some family time and the lovely weather over the summer. I look forward to another fantastic year teaching your child. I would like to take this
opportunity to inform you of the learning programme for Year 5, Autumn Term.

Learning Programme
Please see further down the page for an overview of the main areas for study this term.

Spelling homework will be given on MONDAY. Please help your child to learn their spellings ready for a test on FRIDAY. Reading/Written/Maths/Creative homework will also be given. Pupils will have a week/fortnight to complete this homework depending on the task. Dojos will be awarded for all homework completed. All homework needs to be completed in pencil and great emphasis is placed on neatness.

School Dinners
School dinner money should be paid on Monday. All money should be placed in an envelope with your child’s name, class and amount clearly labelled.

Healthy Eating and Water
We would like to encourage pupils to bring a healthy snack of fruit of vegetables daily to eat in class to ensure that your child is suitably ‘fuelled’ for their learning. Also a water bottle is required so that your child can hydrate throughout the day. Apples and bananas are available to purchase from the KS2 Fruit Shop at a cost of 20p each. Year 6 pupils collect money for the week on a Monday.

Pupil Planners
KS2 pupils have Pupil Planners instead of Reading Records. Pupils will be issued with these during their first week. It is very important that your child brings their planner to school every day and we expect parents to check the planners daily/weekly and sign them every week. The planners are also used as a home/school link as well as to issue parents evening appointments. If a planner is lost, a replacement planner will cost £5.00.

Year 5 P.E. day will be Wednesday. Your child will need to bring their P.E. kit to school on this day. P.E. consists of t-shirt, shorts/joggers and trainers.

Please be aware that all future class communication with be via Schoop. If you do not have this app, it can be downloaded and used by entering the school login code 7749. Please feel free to speak to me about anything that concerns your child’s learning at school so we can make their time in Year 5 an enjoyable experience.


Year 5 – Mrs Borland Autumn Term Learning Programme 2019


Autumn Term 2019

Year 5

Mrs Julie Borland


Clip House


Clip Numbers


Clip Book


Clip Science


Our topic is:

Bionic Brain and Allotment
The children will learn:

•Understand and use different ways to learn by researching the brain.
•Understanding different learning styles.
•Growth Mindset.
•Health and well-being linked to the brain.
•Learn divergent ways of thinking and being:

Multiple Intelligences

Growth Mindset

Habits of the Mind

The Thinkers Keys

De Bono’s Thinking Hats

•Mapping skills.
•Calculating food miles.
•Use a variety of instruments to measure rainfall and wind speed.
•Make decisions about geographical issues.
•Describe causes and consequences of geographical change.

Big maths characters and strategies will be taught throughout.

The children will learn:

•Place value, ordering and rounding.
•Mental and written strategies +, -, x, ÷
•Times tables.
•Real life money problems.
•Calculating and measuring length.
•Checking strategies and inverse operations.
•Reading and plotting co-ordinates.
•Estimate and measure weight/mass.
•Problem solving using all four operations.
•Bar graphs, tables and interpreting data.
•Reading and plotting co-ordinates.

Our novel is:

Brain in a Jar

Tom's Midnight Garden

The children will learn:

•Listening to follow instructions.
•To present to an audience.
•Listening to respond to a variety of ideas and opinions.
•Formal and informal language.
•Research skills – skimming, scanning and note taking.
•Guided reading – developing fluency and exploring text features.
•Understanding reading strategies.
•Weekly spelling and vocabulary.
•Grammar – verbs, adjectives and adverbs.
•Handwriting – revising letter formation and joins.
•Recount writing.
•Instructional writing.
•Discussion writing.
•Poetic writing.
•Reflective writing/Book review.

Our topic is:

Life Cycles

The children will learn:

The Brain
•Parts of the brain.
•How the brain works.
•Exercising the brain.
•The nervous system.


•How plants reproduce.
•Growing and looking after plants.
•Pollination and germination.
•The nervous system.
•Life cycles.
•Decomposing materials.





Thank you for your continued support

Kind regards

Mrs Borland - Year 5 Teacher