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Croeso / Welcome
Blwyddyn 6 / Year 6

Class Teacher - Mr Mark Christopher

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Autumn Term 2019

Year 6

Mr Christopher


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Our Cornerstones topics for the Autumn Term are “Frozen Kingdom” and “Hola Mexico”.  The children will be taught the subjects across the Curriculum through these topics.  Please see below for further information.

The children will learn:

•Number and place value

•Decimals, percentages and their equivalence to Fractions.

•Fractions ratio and proportion

•Geometry, properties of shapes

•Mental and written calculation for four operations.

•Problem solving, reasoning and Algebra.



•Geometry, Position and direction

Pupils will also be studying the different aspects of Big Maths, and will have “CLIC” and “Learn Its” tests every Friday.  Pupils will have “Rockstars” tests three times a week.  All pupils will have “Sumdog” and “Rockstars” usernames and will be encouraged to use these online learning tools as often as possible.  Pupils will be set online challenges periodically to test their knowledge.  Maths homework will be given every week.

During the course of the term pupils will be given opportunity to use skills that they have learned in Mathematics across the curriculum.

Our novels are:

The call of the Wild by Jack London during our “Frozen Kingdom” topic and Holes by Louis Sachar during our “Hola Mexico” topic

The children will learn:


•Instructional Writing

•Persuasive writing

•Newspaper articles

•Letter Writing

•Fiction and Non Fiction Poetry – free verse, using metaphors and personification.


In order to help with their writing, pupils will be given the opportunity o develop their oracy skills through a range of different tasks which will be directly linked to the development of reading and writing skills. Pupils will take part in guided reading sessions and will be encouraged to read every night at home.  Weekly spelling tests will be given as well as spelling homework.

In addition to the science element of our topic work, pupils will develop their scientific skills through practical work and develop their overall scientific skills whilst working as individuals, in pairs and as part of a group.

The children will learn:

•Classification of animals

•How to construct an investigation

•Recognise observations or measurements that need to be made.

•Communicate findings using scientific vocabulary.

•Construct and draw appropriate graphs and diagrams with suitable scales.

•Construct food chains and webs.

•Thermal Insulation

•Materials and their properties and changes.

•Light and how we see things.

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  • Homework will be given on a Monday and should be returned on a Friday and by Monday at the latest.
  • Spelling test on a Friday.
  • PE is on a Thursday and appropriate kit must be brought to school for pupils to change into for the lesson.
  • Reading should be done each night for 20 minutes. Reading books and Pupil Planners to be brought to school daily.