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Croeso / Welcome
Blwyddyn 6 / Year 6

Class Teacher - Mr Mark Christopher

Clip Book 

Year 6 – Mr Christopher



Spring Term 2017





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 Clip Numbers


Clip Book


Clip Science


Our topic is:


Llanelli – Past and Present


The children will learn:


  • The significant events in Llanelli’s history.

  • The different buildings in the town and how they have changed. – visits to buildings such as Llanelly House and the Parish church.

  • The maritime history of Llanelli.

  • The Rebecca Riots

  • The Railway strike of 1911

  • The famous people associated with the town.

  • Geographical features of the town and map work.

  • The role of steel and tin in the town’s history


Children will have opportunity to walk around the area to help in their studies. Pupils will learn to improve their research skills during the course of this topic.


The children will learn:


  • Number and place value; solve subtraction of 5- and 6-digit numbers using written column method.

  • Decimals, percentages and their equivalence to fractions.

  • Mental and written multiplication and division.

  • Geometry: properties of shapes.

  • Add and subtract numbers using mental strategies;

  • Identity common factors and common multiples; prime numbers less than 100.

  • Calculate and understand the mean average; construct and interpret distance/time line graphs. line graphs; understand pie charts are a way of representing data.

  • Read and plot coordinates in all four quadrants.

  • express simple formulae in words


Our novel is:


Danny the Champion of the World / Clockwork


The children will learn:


  • To write a comprehensive account of a theme.

  • To adapt their writing style for the audience.

  • Explore different ways to present work depending on the purpose. Adapt structures to suit the need.

  • To use subject specific vocabulary.

  • Use varied sentence structure to emphasise effect.

  • Write for different purposes eg different genres.

  • To produce fluent and legible handwriting.

  • Read more complex texts independently.

  • Collate information from a range of sources.


Our topic is:


Different Changes

Electrical circuits


The children will learn:


  • Mixing materials will cause them to change.

  • Sometimes changes can be permanent or can make new materials.

  • What happens when materials burn?

  • To make careful observations.

  • To answer questions scientifically

  • Test out predictions and draw appropriate graphs to represent results.

  • Carry out full investigations.

  • Revise knowledge of electrical circuits..

  • Revise knowledge of electrical conductors and insulators.

  • Understand circuit symbols and draw diagrams.

  • Produce diagrams that represent circuits.

  • Understand current and resistors in a circuit.







  • Homework will be given on a Monday and should be returned on a Friday and by Monday at the latest.
  • Spelling test on a Friday.
  • PE is on a Thursday and appropriate kit must be brought to school for pupils to change into for the lesson.
  • Reading should be done each night for 20 minutes. Reading books and Pupil Planners to be brought to school daily.