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Croeso / Welcome
Blwyddyn 6 / Year 6

Class Teacher - Mr Mark Christopher

Clip Book 

Year 6 – Mr Christopher    Summer Term 2018



                    Clip House



Clip Numbers


Clip Book


Clip Science


Our topic is:

Hola Mexico

The children will learn:

Using maps, creating maps. Human geography, Countries and continents.

Sculpture, Maya art and carving

Myths and legends and poetry, writing instructions

Musical notation and creating music.  Performing as part of a group.

Making instruments

Ancient civilisations

Digital creation and coding

Mexican dance.

Mexican food

Light and Shadows


The children will learn:

Number and place value of large numbers and in decimal fractions

Mental and written strategies for the four operations, finding percentages and finding unknowns in equations

Multiplication and Division – use Factors.

Finding fractions

Mean Mode Median and Range

Solve ratio problems

Finding equivalence in fractions.

Angles – Finding and drawing


Drawing and reading graphs

Binary numbers

Napier’s bones

Problem solving, reasoning and algebra


Our novel is:


The children will learn:

.Use strategies to spell correctly polysyllabic, complex and irregular words.


Graphic modeling

Writing a fictional story

Discussion and debate

Poetry – Free.  Create a class book of poetry.

Produce clear and legible handwriting

Explore different ways to present work and use them appropriately, e.g. moving image, slides, voice-over

Read and analyse explanatory texts to identify key features of explanation texts.

Read, recite and perform various poetry

Alliteration Metaphors and personification  Similes

Consolidate understanding of the layout and language features of nonchronological reports.

Research a controversial issue/topic and prepare a balanced newspaper article

Our topic is:

Forces – Gravity, air and water resistance.


The children will learn:

How forces act on things in different ways.

To understand magnets and forces.

Push/pull forces.

How to complete and alter circuits.

Conductors and insulators

Electrical symbols and their meaning.

How to change a circuit to adapt its purpose.

Construct a full investigation.

Analyse scientifically and use scientific vocabulary.






  • Homework will be given on a Monday and should be returned on a Friday and by Monday at the latest.
  • Spelling test on a Friday.
  • PE is on a Thursday and appropriate kit must be brought to school for pupils to change into for the lesson.
  • Reading should be done each night for 20 minutes. Reading books and Pupil Planners to be brought to school daily.