School Councils 2017/18


Following a very successful year last year; we are excited to get our councils up and running again this year.


In September student council election was promoted during whole school assembly and opportunity was given to students in Year 2 - 6 to put themselves forward for election. A high number of students demonstrated eagerness to become a member of one of our three school councils; Eco, Healthy and School Council. Class elections were held and the following students became 2017-18 members.


Head Girl and Head Boy


Lily and Freddie


School Council, Eco-Schools, Healthy Schools Representatives



Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

School Council

Cory Zhang

Poppy Whitehead


Thomas Borsden

Victoria Krzywicka

Dylan Brice

Tia Husband

Freddie Williams

Lily Borsden

Leonard Ellery

Finley Meredith


Harry Lewis

Caris Griffiths


Logan Richards

Mia Husband

Aleksander Bukiewicz

Abbie Thomas

Jay Bowden

Jake Thomas

Oliwia Zloty

Healthy Schools

Egor Zloty

Livia Francis

Jason Zhao

Mia Phillips


Morgan Jones

Lily Watkins

Isaac Campailla

Tatiana Liberda

Joshua Williams

Ellie Husband


Our School Councils consists of 32 active members and they promote leadership across the school ensuring active student voice. Each council meets on a regular basis with Miss Borland (on a three week rotation) to discuss goals, actions and ideas for moving forward and promoting a positive school ethos.


Following discussion and ideas from students around the school, each council is currently coming up with actions to achieve chosen goals. Goals are in accordance with both Eco-Schools and Healthy Schools’ standards.