Ysgol Hen Heol / Old Road School
Pennaeth / Headteacher
Mrs Non Neave

Old Road, Llanelli SA15 3HW
Tel 01554 773822 / Mobile 07929 783164

Staggered start and end times of the school day

Amended with immediate effect from 14 September


As the school term restarts, thank you for your patience and co-operation as we try to find the best way forward in terms of dropping off and collecting your child. In order to reduce parents’ waiting time at the start and end of the school day we request that you drop your child off at the following times based on surnames.  The times are as follows:


Key Stage 2: Pupils drop off/collect at the KS2 yard


A - M

8.50am – 8.55am

N - Z   

8.55am – 9am


KS2 Classes

Collecting times

Year 6


Year 5


Year 4


Year 3



On arrival pupils will be allocated a designated area on the school yard and arrangements are in place for dry days and rainy days.


Foundation Phase: Pupils drop off/collect at the front of the school – Parents are requested to drop off your child - Early Years at the side entrance of the school hall and Years 1 & 2 top of the path of the ‘yellow brick road’. Parents with prams alternate arrangements are in place.


A - M

8.50am – 9.00am

N - Z

9.00am – 9.10am


FP Classes

Collecting times

Early Years


Years 1 / 2




In order to ensure the safety of staff and pupils it is vitally important that all parents adhere to the above times. Please do not arrive early.  One parent per child and please remain with your child until s/he is handed over to a member of staff at the allocated time.  You are requested to leave promptly.  Please adhere to the drop off and pick up times for your child/ren. Safety is our priority and we have a large number of protective measures in place to ensure that the school environment is as safe as possible for everyone. We request that at all times you follow procedures and the markings to ensure social distancing. Parents may like to consider wearing a face mask or covering during these times. Please see the Welsh Government guidelines for further information. I must emphasise that you have a huge part to play by following the guidelines that we have set out for you.


On Monday 14 September, the school kitchen will re-open and lunch will be provided.  In addition, Breakfast Club will also reopen and entry to the club is between 8am and 8.10am via the KS2 yard. Please be punctual as late arrivals will not be allowed in. 

For the smooth running of the school, your co-operation is essential during these challenging times. It is vitally important that we all work together for the safety and well-being of everyone.

Thank you for your continued co-operation and support.

Yours sincerely



Non Neave