Lesotho Summer 2019



During the Summer of 2019 Mme Mothobi a District Resource Teacher from Lesotho came to visit our school for several weeks. 


Lesotho Teachers Visiting Summer 2019.



 Mme Mothobi

Great Young People of Carmarthenshire Celebration Event

Old Raod 3 Old Road 2 Old Road 4 Old Road

Headteacher Letter

Ysgol Hen Heol / Old Road School

Pennaeth / Headteacher

Mrs Non Neave


Old Road, Llanelli SA15 3HW Tel 01554 773822

16th April 2020

Dear Parents & Pupils Welcome back after the Easter break. I hope that despite the social distancing restrictions, you made the most of the lovely weather. I also hope that you are all keeping safe and well and that as a family you managed some work, rest and play!

As we continue in these unprecedented times our distance learning will carry on for the summer term until we receive further notification. As a school, it is important that we check our pupils’ well-being and to have the assurance that they are keeping well and coping during these challenging times. Foundation Phase pupils can comment on J2Homework and Key Stage 2 pupils can access Speakr. Please encourage your child/ren to regularly keep in touch with us. Thank you!

A big thank you to all the children who completed the tasks and activities last term – well done! It is always good practice to establish a structure and routines during these times. Therefore, as from Monday 20th April staff will restart setting work every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on J2Homework and Google Classroom for Years 5 & 6. This term the daily/weekly activities will remain eg spelling, handwriting, sumdog etc but there will be a greater focus on project/research work. Keep an eye on the school website as there will be lots of interesting resources uploaded on a regular basis. Whenever possible we will also be encouraging siblings to work more together on various topics, hopefully this will make things a little easier for parents! Your child’s class teacher will write to you with further details.

As school staff, we are also learning to adapt quickly by keeping in touch in a very different way. This week we met ‘virtually’ and during our meeting we could hear the chickens clucking away in the background. Noisy chickens are happy chickens and they are laying lots of eggs!

If you are still having problems with accessing your hwb account, please e-mail Mrs Pope our ICT Co-ordinator on and she will be more than happy to help you. You can also contact us on if you have any questions, worries or concerns and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Captain Tom Moore the 99 year old WW2 veteran commented on the news this week – he said to those finding it difficult, ‘The sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away’ - reassuring words of wisdom from the voice of experience! Let’s hope that it will happen very soon.

In the meantime, please keep safe, strong, focussed and resilient!

Cofion gorau / Best wishes

Non Neave     


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Llanelly House

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A group of ten students from Old Road School were chosen to take part in the project, which was scheduled over four Tuesday mornings in January and early February 2015.

Me and my town focussed on exploring different aspects of identity and relation to Llanelli town through a series of linked workshops experimenting with a range of arts techniques and processes.

Old Road School - Llanelly House visit Page 1

Old Road School - Llanelly House visit Page 2 

Celebrating Black History

 Celebrating Black History Month and the importance of diversity in society.

Amas from Nigeria came to visit Years 5 and 6, they had a fantastic time playing the African drums he brought with him to celebrate Black History. 

IMG 4054 IMG 4057 IMG 4059 IMG 4063 IMG 4064 IMG 4066 IMG 4070 IMG 4071 IMG 4072 IMG 4073 IMG 4074 C IMG 5329 C IMG 5333 C IMG 5334 C IMG 5336 C IMG 5337

Korean and Chinese Culture Classes


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Ysgol Hen Heol / Old Road School

Pennaeth / Headteacher

Mrs Non Neave 


Old Road, Llanelli SA15 3HW Tel 01554 773822




Pendine Trip Year 6

IMG 2113 IMG 1904 IMG 1908 IMG 1919 IMG 1921 IMG 1928 IMG 1934 IMG 1948 IMG 1951 IMG 1961 IMG 1966 IMG 1991 IMG 2013 IMG 2017 IMG 2018 IMG 2033 IMG 2040 IMG 2045 IMG 2049 IMG 2060 IMG 2064 IMG 2070 IMG 2071 IMG 2076 IMG 2078 IMG 2085 IMG 2092 IMG 2100 IMG 2121 IMG 2128 IMG 2129 IMG 2131



ST DAVIDS Results 2020 001 001

 ST DAVIDS Results 2020 002 002

 ST DAVIDS Results 2020 003 003

 ST DAVIDS Results 2020 004 004

ST DAVIDS Results 2020 005 005

 ST DAVIDS Results 2020 006 006

Balance Bikes

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Wood Carving

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                                     Art Care


Wood Carving with Robert Jakes 


Making a bench for the Foundation Phase yard.

NSPCC Visit 2018

Visit by the NSPCC

Visit by the NSPCC in November 2018 to raise awareness of Anti-Bullying week.

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